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Microblading & Ombre Brows

Microblading Healing Process

Day of Appointment


Brows are freshly Microbladed and on fleek! Redness and swelling will reduce over the next 24 hours.

Day 1 of Healing


Brows will appear thicker and darker than the day you had them done. Brow pigment may have a warm tone during the first few days, this will cool down as the healing progresses.

Day 3 of Healing


Brows are beginning to lighten as they enter the scabbing stage. Initial warmth in the pigment is already starting to cool down.

Day 5 of Healing


Brows are entering the scabbing stage, they will appear patchy over the next few days as the scabs begin to flake. Do not pick at any scabs!

Day 7 of Healing


Brows are flaking and in the middle of the patchy stage. No itching or picking at any of the scabs! If a scab comes off prematurely it will take the pigment with it.

Day 10 of Healing


Brows are nearing the end of the scabbing stage, they may appear pale and faded. Color will enhance over the following week.


Day 14 of healing


Brow color is coming back but may still appear a little pale. The worst of the healing process is over!

Day 21 of healing


Brows have completed the healing process! They will soon be ready for the 6 week touch up where the retention is analyzed and the brows are perfected!

Healed before touch Up


Healed results at the 6 week touch up appointment! Ready to get her brows perfected for long lasting results!

After 6 week Touch up


Brows have been perfected and will lighten as they heal! The same healing process will take place. Next touch up is whenever you feel your brows need to be freshened up! Usually it's annually..